Tuesday, August 06, 2013

NJ Latin Wedding Blog: Papo and Filda at The Hanover Manor

Papo contacted us over a year ago after finding our information online. During all the event consultation appointments Papo was clear of what he wanted...a Wedding where everyone had fun a most importantly he wanted us to use lighting to create a great experience for everyone in attendance. That is what we did, we provided our Intelligent lighting show, live percussionist, custom monogram, photo booth and dancing on the clouds. From the moment we introduced the bride and groom it was a non-stop party, our percussionist Joe Rodriguez was always on point playing to the music and getting the crowd involved. The bride and groom didn't have an specific playlist, as they wanted us to read the crowd and go along with it, we played merengue, bachata, reggae, dancehall, latin house, house, top 40 receiving at the end of event nothing but compliments from everyone. After the event Papo and Filda only had three words for us "You are amazing"
Custom Monogram

Joe Rodriguez & DJ Frankie G in the background

Joe Rodriguez and Frankie G

Joe Rodriguez and Frankie G

Dancing on the clouds

NJ Latin DJ Ultrafonk Entertainment

We would like to thank Gary Flom for these beautiful pictures.
Photography by Gary Flom

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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

NJ Latin Wedding blog: Kimberly + Carlos at The Atlantis Yacht

On May 5th, 2013 we officially kicked off our 2013 Wedding Season, and we could have not done it in a better way. Everything went down aboard The Atlantis Yacht (awesome service and staff) for Kimberly and Carlos' wedding celebration. A very down to earth and cool couple, during the planning process I got to know both of them and from the first video conference I realized this was going to be a celebration to remember. Due to scheduling and distance problems Kimberly and Carlos chose to take advantage of one of the services that we provide to our clients BrideLive, a web based application that not only it allowed me to meet with Kimberly and Carlos but also share files and videos in real time. Fast forward to 5/5/13, from the moment the guests started to board the yacht Kimberly and Carlos wanted them to feel welcomed and part of a celebration of love and they accomplished just that with a beautiful pre-ceremony playlist filled with love songs. The ceremony took place on the third deck of the Yacht, followed by the cocktail hour on the second deck. After an hour of mingling all the guests were invited to the first deck where they were welcomed to a  mix of latin house beats accompanied by our live percussionist Crystal Vargas. Once the party started it was non-stop action, dancing to a great selection of old school, throwbacks, hip hop, R&B, Reggae, Merengue and Bachata. I should mention that Francesca and her team from Francesca's Touch of Class Events was in charge of the wedding planning and the coordination through the celebration and they did a fantastic job. After the event Kimberly & Carlos had a few words for us, please watch this video.

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